All our slings are made with using jarn who meets the reguirments Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Safety and protection are our priorities. Our slings was tested for compatibility with PN-EN 13209-2-2006+ ap1:2008 . We produce from start to the end in Europen Union to keep our products highest quality.

Our experts worked out all the qualities o- the slings so the wraps are the perfect products to carry your child in. Parameters like kind of yarn, its thickness, weaving density, and degree of twist are thoroughly and meticulously checked and controlled.

Pellicanobaby slings are made using cross twill, diamond, and special jacquard weaves. Kind of yarn, its thickness, and kinds of waves used guarantee proper stretch and work of the material allowing needed support for Baby’s spine and extreme comfort of usage for a Parent. Our slings are also undergoing the very unique processes of finishing and stabilization. These very special processes make our slings exceptionally soft, shiny, and guarantee the same length of the wraps even after the many washes. Because of that, ”buttery soft”.

Pellicanobaby sling is ready to use right out of the bag. Softness of our wraps as well as other qualities: middle marker, technical parameters, and of course exceptional beauty, allow for safe and comfortable usage as well as give You, Mom or Dad, joy and happiness of being close to Your Baby. And Your Little One can explore the world from the safe and loving environment of Your closeness with the comforting and familiar sound of Your heart to listen to.

Here, at Pellicanobaby, we are a family too and therefore we know not only how important is attachment parenting and baby wearing but also the healthy lifestyle. This is the reason why our slings are packed in 100% cotton eco-friendly bags that can be reused for example in everyday shopping.