Privacy Policy

General considerations

1. Current Privacy Policy determines the rules of protection of private data of the Customers, who use the Internet Shop at the address
2. The Seller is the Administrator Customers' personal data collected by means of the Internet Shop.
3. The Administrator limits the use and collection of the information to the minimum necessary for the realization of the Customer's Order at the highest level of service.
4. The personal data is not shared in any other way than for the realization of the Order within the limits of the granted permission.
5. The Administrator makes every effort to protect personal data while they are being transferred by the Customers and in particular the Administrator assures that the data collected is processed in accordance with the law.
6. All the words, expressions and acronyms appearing at this page, which begin with a capital letter (for example  the Seller, the Internet Shop, the Customer) should be understood according to their definitions given in the Regulations of the Internet Shop accessible at the pages of the Internet Shop.

The purpose of data Collection

1. The data that was given by the Customer  during the registration process is used solely to let the Customer login into the Internet Shop and for the realization of the Order, including the contact with the Customer.
2. The data collected during the transaction process is used only for the realization of the payment for the Order made.
3. The data collected by the direct contact of the Customer with the Internet Shop via the internet page is used only for the correspondence with the Customer and for answering his/her questions.

The basis for data processing

1. Giving personal data is voluntary but also necessary for using the full functionality of the Internet Shop and for making the Order.
2. During the registration process in the Internet Shop the buyer provides in the registration form the following information: name, surname, shipment address, telephone number, email address.

The Access to personal data

1. According to the personal data protection act from 29 September 1997 (Consolidated text: Dz.U. 2002, Nr 101 pos. 926 with later changes) the Seller provides unrestricted access to personal data, it's change, correction and removal.
2. The Customer has right to access and correct his or her personal data by means of the Internet Shop or by the telephone contact.
3. The Customer may change the data given in the Internet Shop system by himself.
4. The access, change, correction or removal of personal data may be done by the Customer at any time by means of the Customer's internet account in the Internet Shop, after the registration and logging in.
5. The Customer has a possibility of the direct contact with the workers of the Internet Shop by the electronic mail.

The account removal

1. The Customer who has created an account in the Internet Shop may remove the account at any time via the Internet Shop or using the telephone contact.
2. The account removal is irreversible and is equivalent to the removal of all the data of the Customer. The re-creation of such an account will be impossible.

The contact

1.In case of any questions or remarks concerning the current policy or in case of wish to see the personal data, its correction or removal the Customers are asked to send an appropriate information:
1.1 via electronic mail to the address:
1.2 in writing, to the address: Company MYFY Studio Sp. z o. o. Spółka Komandytowa, ul. Św. Marcin 29/8, 61-806 Poznań
1.3 by the telephone: +(48) 503420057.

Cookie policy

1. By using the Internet Shop the Customer gives his or her consent for using cookies according to the cookie policy.
2. The Internet Shop generates cookie files - 'cookies' - which remember the Customer's information and enable later recognition by the server.
3. The cookies do not harm the computer in in any way and each internet browser has a possibility to switch the cookies off.
4. If the Customer does not agree for using the cookies by the Internet Shop he/she should change the settings of his/her internet browser in an appropriate way or resign from using the Internet Shop.

What are the cookies

1. The cookies are small files written and contained on the computer, tablet or smartphone during visiting various pages in the Internet Shop.
2. A cookie usually contains the name of the internet page from which it comes, the time of its validity - time of its existence - and randomly generated unique number used for the identification of the browser, from which the connection to the internet page was made.
3. Usually the cookies are very useful. Thanks to them the individual settings are remembered and thanks to them one may login to an individual account.
4. If the Customer considers, that cookies violate his privacy, at any moment he or she can switch them off either for given internet page or generally for all the connections from a given browser.


1. Newsletter is regularly sent information by means of series correspondence email to many addressees. It contains the information concerning the activities of the Internet Shop, for example the information about new products and promotions.
2. The Customer may order the newsletter service by writing his email in the form on the Internet Shop page.
3. The email address should be confirmed by clicking the link in the email, confirming the order of the service.
4. The Customer uses newsletter service voluntary by unrestricted time.
5. Newsletter is free of charge.
6. The Customer may resign from the newsletter service at any given moment.
7. The resignation may be done either via an email or by changing the settings of the internet account.

End provisions

1. The  Administrator is aware, that he bears the responsibility for the protection of data trusted to him by the Customers. The safety issues are treated extremely seriously. Every effort is made to protect the Internet Shop from an unauthorized access. The methods of collecting, containing and processing the information are controlled.
2. The Administrator uses the devices protecting the server, coding devices and physical safety measures.
3. The access to the data is granted only to those workers and subjects who must  process the data only for the reasons described in Privacy Policy.