Yuki Ice Crumb

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We wanted very much to create something very beautiful and rare for you. Something exclusive but easy to maintain. Something that will look like a hand woven cloth and at the same time will have a more pleasant price. Something that will be elegant and delicate at the same time ... And this is how the Juki project was created. The Japanese pattern itself gives this wrap extraordinary beauty and elegance. Now, however, in combination with the section-colored yarn, the wrap has a unique character. The product is 100% combed and twisted top quality cotton. Warp in the color of navy and section colored, extremely costly and valued thread. The fabric weighs around 280g / m2. It's fleshy and makes great knots. Velvet and soft to the touch. We recommend it for the whole period of wearing because even with a large 3 year old you will be comfortable in it.